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You can trust New World Agency to get you the best mortgage rates available for your home or property. We know how important it is to feel secure in your finances, especially when it comes to something as important as your home.

Whether you go with a variable or fixed rate, a short- or long-term mortgage, we have solutions that will work for you or your family.

Current Mortgage Rates

6 Months

1 Year 7.54%
2 Years 6.64%
3 Years 5.89%
4 Years 5.54%
5 Years 4.99%
6 Years 6.34%
7 Years 6.39%
10 Years 6.44%
5yr Variable Rate 6.10%

Rates are based on the most current lender information. Rates may vary based upon individual circumstances.
Rates subject to change without notice.
*O.A.C. E. & O.E.

What Can a Mortgage Be Used For?

There are three main ways a mortgage can be used:

To Purchase a Home

Ready to buy a home? You will first need to be pre-approved for a mortgage. This will give you an idea of what price range you can afford. It will also allow you to keep a solid mortgage rate, and it will give you an estimate of your monthly payment.

Renewal of a Mortgage

Just like other payment contracts, a mortgage will need to be renewed. New World Agency can help you hold your mortgage rate for 120 days (maximum) before it’s time to renew. If you own a home in Canada, we recommend going with this option. Why? One reason is that you’ll be protected from increasing interest rates.


Saving and growing your money is always the goal. With refinancing, you can take your debt and move it into your existing mortgage. This allows you to save money and have a better financial outlook. What kind of debt can be used? High-interest credit card balances as well as various types of loans are two examples. Another great thing about refinancing is that your debit is in one place rather than being spread out. This makes it easier to make payments from month to month.

Simplifying the Process

New to home or property ownership? Need guidance with your mortgage? We are here to support you through the process and make it as easy as possible.
We work alongside trusted mortgage lenders to set you up with a straightforward and sensible mortgage plan that aligns with your goals.