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Whether you are getting a routine dental cleaning or have an unexpected medical emergency, having a solid health benefit plan provides peace of mind. We help clients find their ideal health benefit plans, either personal or for a group.

Personal Health Insurance

If you aren’t familiar with personal health benefits (sometimes referred to as personal health insurance), these are benefits that you pay for in order to reduce high costs of dental care, medical care, and more.
What can be covered under these benefits? The following are a few examples:

Dental care, such as cleanings, check-ups, and more.

Prescription Medication

Physiotherapy services

Medical devices

Who Qualifies for Personal Health Benefits?

Alberta residents, for example, have great healthcare coverage from the province, but there are certain things that aren’t covered. This is often where workplace benefits come in – benefits you get from your employer(s). However, not everyone has workplace benefits, or they may not have enough benefits.

There are several reasons you may want to opt for personal health benefits, including:

If you don’t have benefits from your employer, personal health benefits are the best way to ensure you won’t have to pay high fees.

Some people do get benefits from their employer, but they need more coverage to supplement what they already have. This is often the case when employer benefits only cover a certain percentage.

Individuals that are retired may get personal health benefits, as well as those who are self-employed or contract workers.

Group Health insurance

When your employees have proper health coverage, everyone feels more comfortable and taken care of. Nothing makes a workplace more productive and positive than having healthy, happy workers.

Our goal is to get your company the ideal group health benefit plan that works for all involved.

What Can Be Covered by Group Health Benefits?

Several medical-related services not fully covered by the government can be covered by group health benefits. Some of these can include prescription medications, dental care, and more. You are able to get the same type of benefits that a personal plan offers under the umbrella of a group plan.

We are happy to walk you through the options for group health benefits to ensure your workplace is set up for success. Contact us today to get started.