Karla Wolansky

Head Athletic Trainer | New World Agency Inc.
Personal Trainer | Body by Bennett


Karla is currently a trainer at B3 (Body by Bennett) and has been with New World Agency since our first camp in 2017. Karla does everything from wrapping ankles, instructing JOGA, and even posting on our social media accounts!

Karla is a recent graduate from the U of A B.PEd Program with a focus on Sport Performance and Nutrition. She has a passion for fitness and a large interest in athletic and team training. Karla is working towards obtaining her NSCA-CSCS credentials and looks forward to continuing her education and adding to her credentials.

In her spare time, Karla enjoys running, camping, watersports and snowboarding, She enjoys spending time outside with her dog and often runs stairs with Jax in the River Valley.