Jason Staroszik

Managing Director & Founder | New World Agency Inc.


Jason Staroszik is a native of Edmonton, AB and has spent his entire life living in the City of Champions. He began his education by enrolling through the University of Phoenix. He completed his program is just over a year and received an Associate of Arts in Business. He then went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree with a  dual major in Public Relations & Marketing and was named to the Dean’s List.

Staroszik presides over the overall state of operations at New World Agency, ensuring that clients are receiving the representation that they deserve and expect from their agent. He maintains an athlete clientele of his own, focusing on maximizing clients’ potential earnings, career longevity, and overall well being. His ‘hands-on’ approach ensures that New World Agency athletes receive the highest level of professional attention and personal service from a knowledgeable and highly credentialed staff.

Staroszik founded New World Agency in 2010 with the intention of creating a full-service sports management firm that provided professional athletes with a level of representation and assistance that is unparalleled in the industry. He believes that a relentless work ethic and a dedication to clients’ needs is integral to the success of any service oriented business, and has made these values part of the fundamental tenets of New World Agency’s working philosophy. With a strong commitment to finding what works best for New World Agency athletes, the firm has matured into a highly respected firm with an industry-wide reputation for excellence from both its agents and its athletes.