Fagnan’s football career continuing in Mexico with new CFL-LFA partnership

A Bonnyville football player is preparing to play professional football in Mexico in January.

After coming onto the CFL’s radar at the Combine this spring, Jeremy Fagnan was drafted top-5 in the first-ever LFA Canadian Draft which will see 16 Canadians play in Mexico’s premier professional football league Liga de Futbol at the start of 2020.

The hook for the local defensive back is after the season concludes in Mexico, they’ll be more game tape for the nine CFL teams to look at leading into training camp.

“It’s huge,” said Fagnan.

“After the CFL combine came and went and draft came and went and you’re kind of sitting there, all the GMs are saying good things about you but you never get that shot. Now this is just another test to prove yourself.”

The University of St. FX product has been working out while continuing his degree at the school, hoping for a shot to join a CFL practice squad.

He’s worked as an assistant coach with the X-Men to keep his mind on the game and watched from afar as his younger brothers Isaac led the team in receiving yards (392 yards) and his brother Silas toss the pigskin.

Now, he’ll finish his semester of school and play with his new team the Querétaro Pioneers.

“It’s pretty well established from what I understand. Some of the stadiums in Mexico City there’s 13,000 person stadiums. The team I got drafted to their home stadium is six or 7000.

“They elevate gameday experience. If a person from the CFL goes down there and experiences the championship game like it’s pretty cool,” he said.

The CFL is expanding its reach across the globe.

In recent days, they’ve signed deals with the top football leagues in Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

The LFA has eight pro teams in the league and began four years ago.

“It’s a pretty cool opportunity. You’re getting paid to go live in Mexico for four months so it’s kind of a win-win,” said Fagnan.


Credit: Michael Menzies, Lakeland Connect