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There is no question that being a Financial Advisor is a very rewarding career and provide ultimate flexibility and job securing. However, we all know that prospecting and finding clients is the most challenging aspect of our profession.

We have developed a very effective marketing system to provide our advisors with qualified leads and book the appointment for them. This way, you don’t need to spend your time wondering around searching for the potential clients.

You will spend your time meeting with the people who are waiting to meet with you and receive your valuable consultation to help them manage their financial life and protect them against unexpected life events.

New World Agency heavily invests in personal and professional development of the advisors. Our training starts at licensing phase to help advisor pass their LLQP exam. The weekly training sessions focus on communication skills development, the art of presentation, objection handling, closing techniques and sales solidifying. Role playing and shadowing practices are always part of the programs.

Product training, applications and working with insurance software are delivered by directors of training or sales trainers from the insurance companies we are presenting.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the advisors who are committed to take their career to highest possible level and enjoy a fabulous life style they deserve for the expertise and great service they provide to society.

The opportunity is literally unlimited. How you can benefit from it really depends on how much you expect from yourself.