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Jamal Campbell Continues Evolution

Hard to believe a talent such as Jamal Campbell didn’t pick up football until it was introduced to him by the Argos’ community initiative aimed at providing equipment for local high schools.

It says a lot about his evolution that Campbell will dress in Toronto’s season opener Friday night and line up when the Argos go with an extra offensive lineman.

“He continues to improve and that’s important to him,” said head coach Marc Trestman. “He’s got a lot of talent and we believe he’s going to grow.”

Lest anyone forget, Campbell basically started from scratch and he’s now beginning to scratch the surface.

Mentally, he has grown by leaps and bounds.

There’s no doubt Campbell has high-end athleticism, but he’s raw and if he ever develops a mean streak, there’s no telling where football will take him.

“I’m just mentally focused on everything,” said Campbell, who is entering his third season. “When I’m not in I’m taking mental reps and just making sure I understand what we need to do week to week, day to day”

This year’s camp has been Campbell’s best.

“My focus was understanding and conceptualizing the whole play book, so when I get on the field everything slows down,” he said. “Before we even run the play I know what’s going to happen, where we’re all going. It allows me to play faster.”


Credit: Frank Zicarelli, Toronto Sun